Welcome to OCCC's Engineering Lab

Located in Area 1T1 of the Science, Engineering and Math Center (SEM), the Engineering Lab is an interdisciplinary area designed to accommodate the independent study needs of students in the engineering classes.

Withing the Engineering Lab we have a Group Lab, Materials Lab, outdoor instructional area, Classroom 1R1, and a common study area. The study area provides computer access, whiteboards, free tutoring, and a convenient setting for students to work on projects or in groups.

Four faculty offices are also located within the Engineering Lab:

Dr. Greg Holland

Gary Houlette, P.E.

Michael Low

Dr. Tad Thurston



To be announced for Fall 2017 semester



During posted hours, a Lab Assistant or Tutor is available to answer questions and assist students with their homework assignments.  A schedule is available in the Engineering Center.


Physical Sciences Center


Engineering Web Site (coming soon!)


(405) 682-1611, Ext. 7483