Non-Residents of Oklahoma:

Resident Tuition $100.84 per credit hour
Non-Resident Tuition $191.70 per credit hour
Student Activity Fee $7.15 per credit hour
Facility Use Fee $14.30 per credit hour
Student Technology Fee $5.00 per credit hour
Assessment Fee $1.00 per credit hour
Library Fee $2.00 per credit hour
Security Fee $5.00 per credit hour
TOTAL $326.99 per credit hour

Notes: In the event that the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education authorize a fee change, students will be assessed accordingly. Some classes and programs require special fees (see below).

Financial Aid and Scholarships can help cover some or all of the cost of your education to attend Oklahoma City Community College.


Additional Fees and Special Fees

Many services are included in the enrollment fee, the student activity fee and the facility use fee. Exceptions are:

Science Lab Fee: $20.00 per course

On-Campus Exam/Advanced Standing Testing Fee   $5.00 per credit hour

Applied Music Lessons Fee   $125.00 per credit hour

Private music lessons for credit are designed for degree-seeking students; these degree-seeking students must pay tuition, educational program fees, and this applied music lessons fee.

Non-Credit Music Lessons Fee   $180.00

Non-credit private music lessons are designed for students who are seeking self-enrichment.

American College Testing (Local/Residual)   $35.00

CLEP Examinations   $70.00

New Student Application/Records Processing Fee   $30.00

International Student Status Maintenance Fee:

Fall/Spring   $20.00 per semester

Summer   $15.00 per semester

This fee will be charged to international students to cover costs of processing immigration documents and monitoring student enrollments in compliance with Citizenship and Immigration Service (CIS) regulations.

Electronic Media Fee   $12.00 per credit hour
This fee is charged to online, web-enhanced and telecourse students to offset the cost of offering this type of instruction.

Cooperative Agreement Credit Fee   $8.00 per credit hour
The fee covers recording and transcribing costs for Cooperative Agreement Credit. Students eligible to receive Cooperative Agreement Credit are those who have attended Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Moore Norman Technology Center, Mid-America Technology Center, and Metro Technology Center in a Cooperative Alliance Program. Eligibility is determined by the Guidelines for Approval of Cooperative Agreements Vocational-Technical Schools and Colleges established by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.

Supplemental Fees

Authorization has been given by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education to charge supplemental fees in addition to the educational program fees for courses in two programs:

Remedial (Zero-Level) Courses   $13.00 per credit hour

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education have endorsed an additional fee per credit hour for the Developmental Educational courses at all Oklahoma colleges and universities.

Fee Payment

Students will be charged tuition and fees for all classes in which they are enrolled as of the fee due date for the semester. They will not be cancelled from classes for non-payment by the due date, but rather billed on a monthly basis. Students who pay by the fee due date will pay tuition and fees only. Students who choose to pay on a monthly basis will be subject to finance and late payment charges.

Refunds for Credit Courses

Schedule Changes or Complete Withdrawals
Students adjusting their schedules or completely withdrawing from all classes during the first two weeks of a sixteen-week semester or the first week of a four, six or eight-week semester will be charged 100% fees for any courses added and will receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees for any courses dropped. Finance and late charges accrued will not be reduced. No refunds will be made after this period except as stipulated for first-time enrollment of Title IV recipients.

Complete Withdrawal of Students Who Are Title IV Recipients
Recipients of Federal Title IV student financial assistance funds (Pell Grants, SEOG, Perkins Loan, Stafford and Plus Loans, who completely withdraw from the College during a semester may be required to repay a portion of the funds that are determined to be unearned. The calculation of earned vs. unearned funds is based directly on the portion of the semester the student attended before totally withdrawing. This calculation is not related to the College's tuition refund policy. It is in addition to the College's refund policy and is required by Federal Title IV regulations.

Non-Credit Courses

Non-credit Recreation and Fitness Classes
Full refunds will be granted to non-credit students who officially withdraw prior to the end of the first class meeting. Students who withdraw after the first class meeting and before the start of the second class meeting will receive an 80% refund. Students who withdraw after the start of the second class meeting will not qualify for a refund. To officially withdraw, a non-credit student must contact the Office of Recruitment and Admissions or the Office of Recreation and Fitness (405) 682-7860, or they will be billed for the class.

Non-credit Professional Development Institute Classes
Participants enrolled in non-credit classes, workshops, seminars or other activities offered by Professional Development Institute who officially withdraw before the scheduled starting time will receive a 100% refund. To officially withdraw, students must contact Professional Development Institute at (405) 682-7562 or the Office of Recruitment and Admissions . Participants who fail to officially withdraw will be billed.

Fees Subject to Change

In the event that the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education assess a fee change, students will be assessed accordingly.

Audit Course

Students taking credit courses for no grade will pay the same tuition and fees as regular credit students. The tuition portion will be waived for students 65 and older who audit a course. Auditing courses will not count towards international students full time requirements but can be done for fun.

Non-Credit Offerings

Non-credit courses, workshops and seminars will be priced on the basis of individual program costs. Non-credit courses will not count towards international students full time requirements but can be done for fun.



Enrollment fees for each semester are due according to the regular fee payment schedule. It is important that you have sufficient funds at the beginning of each semester or summer session to pay school charges, as well as to purchase necessary books and supplies.


Finances and transfer of funds

Certain countries have special procedures to follow and have limitations on the amount of money which can be sent. Remember that international students are responsible for providing for educational expenses. Students should know the procedures and limitations of his/her country in processing money. If a country has currency restrictions, the student should seek to find the procedures the country has established to send money out of the country. The American Embassy or Consulate can be of assistance in determining a country's established procedures.