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Nursing Campus Laboratory

Entrance to Nursing Lab

The Simulation and Nursing Campus Laboratories at Oklahoma City Community College provide a rich hands-on learning environment for the Nursing Program...

Statement of Purpose

It is the goal of the Simulation and Nursing Campus Laboratories to provide students with an environment that builds confidence, supports learning and improves critical thinking. 

Simulation and Skills

It is in the Simulation and Nursing Campus Laboratories that students are introduced to nursing skills, concepts and technologies prior to clinical experiences... The overall goal of our simulated clinical experiences is to assist the student in achieving and maintaining high standards of care for both common and uncommon clinical events. 

Nursing students have access to several low- to high-fidelity simulators while enrolled in the nursing program. Simulation is used to replicate clinical situations to prepare the student for clinical practice through the application of theoretical knowledge and skills acquisition in a safe, supportive learning environment. 

The simulation and nursing campus laboratories are home to multiple mid- to high-fidelity simulators, to include:

  • Noelle® birthing simulators
  • SimMom® simulator
  • SimNewB® simulator
  • SimJunior® simulatyor
  • BabyHal® infant simulator
  • NursingBaby® infant simulator
  • NursingKid® pediatric simulators
  • NursingKelly® adult simulators
  • NursingAnne® adult simulators
  • Virtual I.V.™ Simulators
  • Human Patient Simulators (HPS)®

Additionally, the Simulation and Nursing Campus Laboratories offer a variety of partial-task trainers and clinical equipment designed for the care of adult, geriatric, psychiatric, pediatric, maternity and newborn patients in the acute, critical-care or long-term/home settings.