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OCCC’s campus will remain open so students can access core services in person, including free WiFi, huddle stations, library, computers and labs. Some hands-on courses will continue to have on-campus instruction. Faculty will be available to you on-campus. Most classes scheduled for Fall will be conducted online.

Masks are required in shared, open areas.

Information about services, departments and operating hours lives here:

COVID-19 is a virus identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness that has spread globally into a pandemic. OCCC encourages you to learn more about COVID-19, health and safety precautions, and resources at:
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President Paul Sechrist

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I welcome you to the Oklahoma City metro’s largest college – Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC).

OCCC commits to helping every student realize their potential and meet their educational goals. By providing broader access to higher education, OCCC focuses on ensuring that each of its students earns a certificate or degree. OCCC fosters strong human resources and increases the economic benefits for the community. When students leave OCCC, they are properly educated and trained to either immediately join the workforce or are prepared to successfully transition to a four-year university.

In addition to achieving a top-quality education, students participate in many of the 40+ clubs, organizations and events. The college offers numerous cultural program opportunities at the Visual and Performing Arts Center and proudly hosts world-class productions year-round. Discussing current legislative issues and increasing voter engagement is a dynamic facet of OCCC, and with the Public Affairs Forum series, students and community members both gain insight into past and present Oklahoma politics each semester.

OCCC reinforces its community with strong values; accountability, stewardship, integrity, innovation, and diversity exemplify the college’s high standards. In these values, the college achieves its mission of empowering students, enriching the community, and engendering a prosperous future.

As OCCC President, I appreciate this opportunity and am excited to affect positive change while furthering the established success of our college.

I invite you to visit our campus and become a part of a community of innovative, determined individuals who exemplify the excellence of Oklahoma’s people and future leaders.


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