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Virtual Learning Center

The Virtual Learning Center (VLC) is an OCCC resource that provides support to students as they learn. This resource has many online components but we also have some on-campus resources as well.  

Why do I need the Virtual Learning Center? 

The VLC has a variety of tips and study hacks to help you as you work to learn in your college courses.  

The topics include:

What Workshops Does the VLC Provide?

For the Spring 2017 Semester the VLC Team will offer the following Face-to-face workshops:

Upgrade my GPA                     Jan 24 & 25                  12:30-1:00                College Union 2

Organize 911                            Jan 31 & Feb 1               12:30-1:00               College Union 2

Study Tips                               Jan 31 & Feb 1 & Feb 2   1:00-1:30                College Union 2

Save My Semester!                 Feb 7, 8, & 9                  12:30-1:00               College Union 2

Making Your Time Count       Feb 14 & 15                   12:30-1:00                College Union 2

Sessions are offered multiple times but students only need to attend one.

Feel free to bring your lunch as we learn together.  

Missed a session?  Can't make it at the time it's offered?  Contact us to schedule a Personal Strategy Session at a time that works for you!


What is a Personal Strategy Session?

This is a meeting with a member of the Virtual Learning Center team that focuses on the areas on which you would like to focus.  You guide the conversation and the VLC staff will work to find the resources you need to allow you to be successful.


How Can I Access the VLC Resources?

  • Online:
  • On-Campus:  SEM 2G3
  • Schedule a Personal Strategy Session
  • Attend a Workshop (Schedule found here)
  • Phone:  682-7838
  • Email: