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Oklahoma City Community College will open for normal business hours Wednesday, February 20, 2019; this includes the Main Campus, Family and Community Education (FACE) Center, Capitol Hill Center (CHC), and the Professional Development Institute (PDI). All classes, activities, and events will occur at the regularly scheduled time.

Engineering and Physical Sciences

Mission Statement

The Engineering and Physical Science Faculty at Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) is an active part of the Division of Science, Engineering and Mathematics. We seek to encourage an attitude of discovery and critical analysis along with a genuine interest in engineering and physics. We strive to offer a wide variety of introductory and second-year college science courses that not only challenge students' traditional views of science, but build scientific skills that create a sound foundation which students will use when viewing the world around them.

Curriculum Programs Offered

Associate in Science
(Minimum of 60 Credits)

Associate in Science
(Minimum of 62 Credits)

Associate in Science
(Minimum of 60 Credits)

Learning Outcomes

Through their experiences within the Division of Science, Engineering and Mathematics, students will:

  • Gain critical knowledge in the areas of physics, engineering, clinical research, biology, and chemistry
  • Develop analysis and critical thinking skills required for success in scientific endeavors
  • Explore individual scientific interests through expanded learning opportunities
  • Actively and effectively participate in collaborative learning experiences as well as individual accountability to maximize academic and social growth
  • Effectively utilize technology, such as computers and laboratory equipment, for learning, research, direct investigation, and experimental analysis
  • Be encouraged to become involved in activities, such as clubs, field trips, enrichment classes etc., that enhance the understanding of the physical sciences
  • Relate and apply abstract concepts to concrete, real-world problems
  • Become aware of the role and responsibility of the engineering community
  • Prepare qualified students to successfully apply to undergraduate studies in engineering or physics related fields

Faculty and Staff