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Are you thinking about returning to school? With Oklahoma City Community College’s (OCCC) Adult Degree Completion Program, Saturdays in December are the time to enroll.

What is the Adult Degree Completion Program at OCCC?

OCCC’s Adult Degree Completion Program is for students who have more than 24-credit hours, but still need to graduate. Another “bonus” is - the first one is on us. OCCC is encouraging eligible students to come in, try us out, and the first three-credit hour class will be tuition free.

Courses for the degree programs are offered at OCCC both on-campus and online. To enroll or for more information about the Adult Degree Completion Program and a tuition free course paid for by OCCC for eligible students, please contact the Office of Recruitment and Admissions at (405) 682-OCCC, or email

Have at least 18 credit hours?

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Reach Higher – Oklahoma’s degree completion program – offers an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science in enterprise development (general studies or business administration) designed for working adults who have already earned at least 18 hours of college credit and want to finish an associate degree.

Other requirements are that a student have a minimum 2.0 GPA from previous college credits and have completed any required remedial courses.

The Reach Higher associate programs provide on-campus and online class options, personalized schedules and courses of study that meet career goals, and flexible enrollment periods year-round.

Reach Higher Is...
  • Free to apply. You will never be asked to provide a credit card number or other form of payment for an application fee.
  • Oklahoma's flexible, affordable degree completion program.
  • For working adults who want to finish their college degree from a state college or technical branch.
  • Your second chance to finish your degree - while you keep your normal routine, maintain your normal work hours and still have time for your family.

What is an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science in Enterprise Development?

Earning an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science in enterprise development (general studies or business administration) is a great way to use the college credit you have in order to be more successful in your career.

Your adviser will help you decide which associate degree is right for you and help you develop a course of study and personalized schedule that will allow you meet your personal and educational goals.

The curriculum is approved by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. Oklahoma public community colleges and technical branches are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.



Call Amanda Williams-Mize at 405-682-7537 or by e-mail for more information or to meet with an advisor.