We would like to introduce you to one of the newest additions to our staff. .. Dan.

Dan is a human patient simulator and was obtained from Meti in May of 2004. Official use of him by students enrolled in various programs in the Health Professions Division began in the Fall of2004. He has already shown himself to be a valuable tool for assessment and skill development, communication and critical thinking skills. This is a wonderful and exciting opportunity for you as well as future health profession students entering our programs at the Oklahoma City Community College. So how will he be used? Dan is wonderful for demonstration of various clinical signs and physiological changes to certain medications, trauma, etc. Simulations can be run to mimic several disease processes and acute diagnosis. He came packed with many preconfigured scenarios - all of which can be changed or managed to give you a unique simulation experience. Simulations will be set up for students in a variety of ways and will have varying ranges of complexity - based on where you are at in your program. The EMS and Nursing programs will both be working with Dan on a close basis.