Student Scholarships


The OCCC Foundation offers scholarship opportunities for current OCCC students. The application period for Spring 2019 scholarships will open soon. Scholarship opportunities will likely reopen in late October for the Spring 2019 semester. Scholarships are made possible by generous individuals, families, foundations, corporations and community organizations. On behalf of students who benefit from these gifts, the OCCC Foundation is very grateful.

For questions about scholarships, please contact Evelyn Schaefer at the OCCC Foundation at 405-682-7591.

For information on other types of need-based financial assistance, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Scholarship Questions and Answers

How do I get into the scholarship system? When the scholarship application process is open, start the general scholarship application  and use  your OCCC email and password to login to our system.

If I am awarded a scholarship, how and when will I get the money? These scholarships are for the next Spring 2019 semester. Funds will be deposited into the student's Bursar's Office account. We typically do not give scholarships directly to students.

Can I get a scholarship if this semester (Fall 2018) is my last semester? No, this particular group of scholarships is for Spring 2019 students.

Can I apply if I am in high school taking OCCC classes through concurrent enrollment? All scholarships offered in this round are for current students, including concurrent enrollment students who will be graduated from high school by next fall. The Academic Works system we use to manage scholarships requires on OCCC email and password. 

Do my references have to be OCCC faculty or staff? Scholarships require two letters of reference, and at least one has to be from an OCCC faculty or staff member. Check each scholarship for specific reference requirements.

If a scholarship requires that I have completed 12 or more credit hours at OCCC, does that count the current semester? Yes, when you answer the question about how many hours you have taken at OCCC, include the hours you are currently enrolled in. We will confirm next semester before scholarships are paid to make sure you have completed 12 credit hours.

How do I submit my essay? After you complete and submit your General Application, the Academic Works system will return a list of any scholarship that you may qualify for. Then you can click on each of those scholarships to see what specific essay content is required. Most scholarships require that you copy and paste your essay into the long-form answer, so be sure and have your essay typed in a format such as Microsoft Word so you can paste it directly into the application form.

What should I include in my essay? Most scholarships require 500-750 words (which is equivalent to 2-3 typed pages, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1” margins). Check with each scholarship you apply for, as they may have a scholarship-specific question. Most reviewers like a paragraph introduction about you, then a compelling case as to why you need the scholarship. Have a friend or family member review your essay for content, grammar and punctuation.

Can I use the same essay for each scholarship I qualify for? It depends! Read each scholarship qualification and see if the essay requirements are the same. If the questions are different, you should answer each question. 

Are there scholarships for my specific degree? There are many scholarships for a wide range of degree programs as well as non-degree specific ones. Submit your General Application and you will receive a list of those you qualify for. There are several general scholarships that are not related to any specific program of study.

How do I get letters of recommendation? First, ask your references if it is OK to include them in the scholarship application process. If they are willing to write a letter of recommendation, include their name and email address on your general application. This is a step that disqualifies many applicants because they don't secure their references! Letters of recommendation must be entered into the system by the date scholarships close. Your reference will get an email from the system asking them to submit the letter online. They should not give you their letter of recommendation. If they have any trouble submitting the letter, have them contact Note that your reference does not have to have an OCCC email and password to submit a letter of recommendation.

How can I stay updated about scholarships? Follow the OCCC Foundation on Facebook at for scholarship tips and information about new opportunities as they become available!