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Nancy Sweet-Fitzgibbon, MSN, APRN-CRNA

Adjunct Professor, Anesthesia Technology Program
Division of Health Professions
Programs: Anesthesia Technology

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Nancy earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1988. For the next four years, she specialized in critical care pediatrics. In 1992, Nancy joined the U.S. Army Nurse Corps. As an Army officer, she expanded her practice to include adult critical care. From 1995-1997, she attended the UT-Houston/U.S. Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing. December 1997, Nancy graduated with her Masters of Science in Nursing and became a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Over the past 20 years, caring for the most critical patients in the most difficult of times has been Nancy’s passion. Her choice of practice settings has allowed her to teach anesthesia principles and skills to a diverse student population. Since 2005, Nancy has called Oklahoma home. Prior homes have been in both southern and northern California, Colorado, Texas, and Washington state. As an “Okie” by marriage, she is thrilled to have both the honor and the responsibility to develop our state’s first anesthesia technologist program. In her spare time, she enjoys her family, her friends, and is pursuing her doctorate in anesthesia nursing. Some of her outstanding awards and recognitions include Phi Beta Kappa Society and Sigma Theta Tau membership; receipt of the Meritorious Service Medal in 1995; and graduating magna cum laude from both her undergraduate and graduate programs.

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Email: nsweet-fitzgibbon@occc.edu
Phone: (405) 682-1611 ext. 7480
Office location: Health Professions Center - HP 218
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Mon: 12-1 and Tue: 11-1

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