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Courtney Vahlberg

Professor of Chemistry
Division of Chemistry and Biological Sciences
Programs: Chemistry

Courses Taught

Chemistry Around Us
General Chemistry I & II
Organic Chemistry I
Organic Lab


I have a Ph.D. in chemistry from OSU and spent 24 years as an analytical chemist for the telecommunications industry.  I like watching football (college and pro), the other football, and golf.  I like playing golf and reading and working outside.  And I really like my chemistry classes.

Courtney Vahlberg

Email: cvahlberg@occc.edu
Phone: (405) 682-1611
Office location: Science Engineering and Math Center - Room 1E6D
Office hours:
Please refer to your syllabus for my office hours. If you are not currently enrolled in one of my classes, please email me or give me a call. That contact information is provided on this page. Or contact the Chemistry, Biological and Science Division Office at 405-682-7508 to get my current office hours.

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