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Randall Anderson

Professor of Digital Media Design
Division of Arts
Programs: Digital Media Design; Photography/Digital Imaging, Graphic Design

Courses Taught

Image Editing: Photoshop I
Digital Photography
Digital Photography II
Outdoor Photography
Applied Graphic Design
Independent Projects
Portfolio Preparation and Presentation
Multimedia Portfolio Production


Professor Anderson has over 30  years experience in the photographic and graphic design industries. He has worked for Candid Color Systems, Pro-Graphic Images, Fleming Companies, and CDF. He also taught as an Adjunct professor at OCCC for 13 years before becoming full-time faculty.

Randall Anderson

Email: randerson@occc.edu
Phone: (405) 682-1611 x7218
Office location: Arts and Humanities Center - Room 1C2A
Office hours:
Please refer to your syllabus for my office hours. If you are not currently enrolled in one of my classes, please email me or give me a call. That contact information is provided on this page. Or contact the Division of Arts at 405-682-6278 to get my current office hours.

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