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Stacie Warner

Professor of English
Division of Arts, English, and Humanities
Programs: English

Courses Taught

English Composition I
English Composition II
Success for College and Life
Basic Composition
Developmental Writing


Stacie Warner is a first generation college graduate who strongly advocates community college attendance. After graduating from a community college, Rose State College, Professor Warner continued her education by earning a Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) degree and a Master of Education degree from the University of Central Oklahoma. She is a decorated, disabled veteran, having served a total of eleven years in the US Air Force and the Oklahoma Air National Guard as a graphic designer.

Professor Warner possesses a unique teaching approach that creates an environment that encourages creativity and fun, while still successfully covering all mandatory course objectives and fundamentals. As an instructor, she delights in students walking away from the time they spend with her more knowledge and proficient in the subject matter being taught. She is a huge advocate of student success!

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Email: stacie.l.warner@occc.edu
Phone: 405-682-1611, ext. 7637
Office location: Art and Humanities, Room 1D4A
Office hours:

Office Hours vary each semester. Please contact professor or division office for current hours.

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