Online Enrollment

At OCCC, we understand that it is not always convenient to come to campus to enroll for your classes.  In Fall 2016 we implemented a new software that will assist with understanding the requirements for the degree you are pursuing as well as has an integrated registration function. 

 For detailed information on how to operate the registration software, please watch the online tutorials and/or download the instructions.


9 Terms to Understand when Online Enrolling

Degree Plan- A degree plan is an outline of all courses that you will need to complete in order to earn your degree or certificate.   

Pre-requisite- A class students are required to complete in preparation for other classes.

Co-requisite- A course that can be taken at the same time as another course.

Timeline- The Timeline shows you all of the semesters you have planned in the software.

Financial Responsibility Form- This is an online form that needs to be filled out for each semester that a student wants to enroll in.  The form outlines the financial obligations that the student takes on when registering for courses.    

Granted Petition- This means that the course requires permission to enroll in to it.  Typically, this means that the Faculty member teaching the class needs to give permission to enroll. 

Overload- This means that you are attempting too many hours in a given time period and will need to speak to an Academic Advisor to get approval to register in the amount of hours you are trying to. 

Planned- This means that you have added a section of a class to your calendar schedule in the software but have not completed the registration process.

Register- This means that you have pushed the registration button in the software and you are officially enrolled into the class.

To Complete before Online Enrolling

In order to use Online Enrollment, the following must be completed:

You MUST be completely admitted as an OCCC student. Please Note: If it has been longer than one year since attending OCCC, you will also need to reapply.

  • All holds and/or restrictions MUST be removed from your account. This includes but is not limited to Bursar holds and Missing Transcripts.
  • All pre-requisites for courses you are wanting to enroll in MUST be met. All first time students to OCCC (either transfer or new) are required to meet with an Academic Advisor.
  • A Financial Responsibility form MUST be completed for each semester you are trying to enroll in. Directions on how to sign the form are located here.

 Questions about enrollment or registration?  Email from your OCCC student email account.


**Please Note: Enrollment does not advise on which classes you should take, what ones you can use as electives for your major, and/or whether you meet prerequisites for courses.