Absolute Literary Journal

Absolute is the literary and artistic journal of Oklahoma City Community College. Absolute has been published by the Arts and Humanities Division annually since 1972. The journal includes a variety of styles, including essays, fiction, poetry, photography, and art. 

Student editors seek works of short fiction and nonfiction, poetry, photography, and art. No payment is offered. Contributors are invited to the April sessions for writers and artists. Those individuals interested in submitting material should consult the Absolute Submission Form for details. Those individuals submitting work do not have to attend Oklahoma City Community College. We invite all submissions!

Absolute 2017 Critic's Choice Award Winners

Congratulations to those recognized at the April 27 reception for their outstanding work:

Critic's Choice Award for Fiction-- "Stars" by Alexis Cummings

Honorable Mention for Fiction-- "Baking Lessons" by Lydia M. Rucker

Critic's Choice Award for Nonfiction-- "Both Snakes and Kittens Hiss" by Sabra Estill

Honorable Mention for Nonfiction-- "Death for Honor" by Christopher Seeds

Critic's Choice Award for Poetry-- "Her Yard Is a Chapel" by David Guest

Honorable Mention for Poetry--  "Muddy Water" by Amani Rashaad

Critic's Choice Award for Art and Photography-- "Feather Eyes" by Sabra Estill

Honorable Mention for Art and Photography-- "Jellyfish" by Jennifer Sanmiguel

Absolute 2017 Reception Photos

2017 Absolute Reception

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Current Editors

Student Editor James Knoll

Student Editor Philemon Kurian

Student Editor Kiana Lysinger

Student Editor Tiffane Shorter

April Jackson, Graphic Editor

Jon Inglett, Faculty Advisor

Marybeth McCauley, Faculty Advisor