ECHO 2.0 Llgo

ECHO 2.0 is an online tutoring service that mirrors the high quality services offered through face-to-face tutoring in the Communications Lab. It is offered as a free service to OCCC students as an alternative to a Communications Lab visit.  

We offer two tutoring options designed to accommodate your needs.

  • Email: You and a tutor discuss your writing assignment through email. You should receive some initial feedback or a response from a tutor within 24 business hours.
  • Video/Chat: You and a tutor discuss your writing assignment through video or text chat in real time for about 30 to 45 minutes.  

Getting started on ECHO 2.0 is simple –

1. Fill out our online tutoring request form

2. Select your desired tutoring option

3. Upload any documents you want us to help you with (essays, works cited pages, assignment sheets etc.)  

For more information on getting started on ECHO 2.0, check out the ECHO 2.0 Instructional Sheet

Having a video/chat session?  Get a chat service here.

For tutoring availability, see our Hours and Availability.

Got questions?  Check out the ECHO 2.0 FAQs

Still got questions? Call the lab at 405-682-1611, ex. 7379, and let a tutor know you need assistance.