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Updating Your CAN Account

Current students and employees will be given an account on the OCCC Campus Alert Notification System. When your account is created, only your college email address will be included. If you would like to add phone numbers for text alerts or additional email addresses, you certainly may do so. Here is how it is done.

Step 1. Log in to the CAN system.

As you can see below, Justin Example wants to update his account. He has entered his username and password on the page, then clicks on the Log in button.

Login page for CAN system

Step 2. Update your account with phone numbers and email addresses.

Justin has entered his cell phone number into the system. It is important to enter the 10-digit number, including the area code. The next field identifies the cell phone carrier; in Justin's case, he uses AT&T. He has checked the box next to the word Text so that he can receive text messages. It's unnecessary to check the box next to Voice because OCCC does not deliver voice messages through this system. Finally, and importantly, Justin has checked the box next to It is OK for OCCC to send text messages to my phone. By doing this, Justin allows us to send text messages to his phone. If this box, is not checked, he will not receive the messages. To update his account, he will click on the yellow Save button.

If he wishes to add more email addresses to his account, he would enter them into the lower portion of the screen, one at a time. The yellow Add button will update his account with each address.

Screen to update phone numbers and email addresses

That's all there is to it!