Students in a biology lab If you're not sure of your final destination in science, start on the path with an Associate in Applied Science degree in Biotechnology:

  • in just two years you will gain skills and credentials that will make you highly employable in the local science job market.
  • program is laboratory-intensive, and uses the latest scientific instrumentation.
  • includes an internship at local biotechnology company.
  • lower cost than most higher education institutions.
  • you can use credits from the biotechnology program to transfer to a four-year degree program.

The Biotechnology program at Oklahoma City Community College offers a two-year, 66-credit associate in applied science degree program (A.A.S.) or a 21-credit Certificate of Mastery. Both are designed to prepare the student to directly enter the job market after program completion. The Certificate is designed for students who already have an AS or BS degree but lack laboratory skills. Jobs in biotechnology may be located in a biomedical research or service laboratory, or in agricultural, environmental, or manufacturing settings. Degree students take courses in English, mathematics, chemistry, and biology along with two biotechnology courses in the first year of the program. In the second year, students take political science, history, more chemistry and biology, plus additional biotechnology courses and do an internship.

This program is appropriate for students with a strong interest in science, especially biological science, who enjoy hands-on work, have good communication skills, and can function as part of a team.