2017 Critic's Choice Awards

Absolute 2017 Critic's Choice Award Winners

Congratulations to those recognized at the April 27 reception for their outstanding work:

Critic's Choice Award for Fiction-- "Stars" by Alexis Cummings

Honorable Mention for Fiction-- "Baking Lessons" by Lydia M. Rucker

Critic's Choice Award for Nonfiction-- "Both Snakes and Kittens Hiss" by Sabra Estill

Honorable Mention for Nonfiction-- "Death for Honor" by Christopher Seeds

Critic's Choice Award for Poetry-- "Her Yard Is a Chapel" by David Guest

Honorable Mention for Poetry--  "Muddy Water" by Amani Rashaad

Critic's Choice Award for Art and Photography-- "Feather Eyes" by Sabra Estill

Honorable Mention for Art and Photography-- "Jellyfish" by Jennifer Sanmiguel