Submitting Transcripts

The Office of Records and Registration Services processes all incoming college and high school transcripts for New Students, Returning Students, and Current Students.

Transcripts should be mailed to:

Oklahoma City Community College
Attn: Office of Records and Registration Services
7777 S. May Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73159

Electronic transcripts should be emailed to:

This email is only for the submission of electronic transcripts. Please direct all questions to 405-682-7512.
When Submitting Transcripts to OCCC
When submitting transcripts to OCCC from other schools, it is important to know that a transcript will be rejected and possibly returned by OCCC to the student and/or the school under any of the following conditions:

  • The Registrar's seal and/or signature is missing.
  • The official transcript is for the wrong student, or the name on the transcript differs from that on the transcript request form.
  • The official transcript is illegible.

 To request your OCCC transcript, please visit Records