Frequently Asked Questions


What if I am declined to obtain a student visa from a US Embassy or Consulate?

In most cases, you will need to provide additional documentation that was not presented with the initial application. In some cases, a visa officer may request additional documents such as proof of financial verification, or ownership of a home or business to prove domicile in your home country.

When is the deadline for the application?

It is highly recommended that you apply at least 2 months before your first semester begins.

There are not hard deadlines if you are currently an F-1 student transferring from a school in the United States. 

If you are needing to acquire a F-1 visa, please follow these deadlines:

Term Deadline
Spring 2017 November 15th 2016
Summer 2017 April 15th 2017
Fall 2017 June 15th 2017
Spring 2018 November 15th 2017
Summer 2018 April 15th 2018

What is the admission requirement for international students?

Refer this page:

To apply fill out this form,

How and when am I going to receive I-20?

If you are outside of the United States, after you submit required document to us and become accepted, you will have I-20 mailed to you with your shipping options.  You are required to pay for the shipment of your I-20.

What is the tuition fee for international students?

Estimated cost for an academic year for international students is $7500 for tuition and fees alone. For details, check this page:

What clothing is appropriate for Oklahoma's climate?

Oklahoma has a temperate climate zone with cold winters, hot summers, and moderate weather in the spring and fall. Students should come prepared with appropriate clothing to accommodate the changing weather throughout the year. Students should plan to wear warm clothing throughout the colder months (October-April), and a heavy coat is a needed. While in Oklahoma, students will also require clothing for rainy weather. May to September is typically moderate to warm weather, so comfortable clothing for the heat will also be needed.

What should I do once I receive the I-20 in the mail?

1.       Once we accept you, we will send your I-20 for a F-1 visa.  This form confirms that you have been accepted at an institution authorized by the U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization Service (USCIS) to enroll non-immigrant students. You will read and sign this form.

2.       With your I-20 near you, you will now be able to pay the I-901 fee here, .  This is a required payment, do this before making your appointment with the US embassy.

3.       After you receive I-20, fill out DS-160 on your country’s US embassy website . On the form, you are going to need to write your SEVIS number shown on your I-20. Fees may apply.

4.       As you pay the fee, make an appointment for an interview of F-1 visa at your local US embassy.

5.       You will have your visa attached to your passport within 3-5 days after you completed the interview.

6.       Watch for emails from OCCC to notify you of when you should enter the country.  You will be required to attend a mandatory orientation day before school begins.


I need to process reinstatement, does OCCC do this?

Reinstatement is determined on a case by case basis after the evaluation of your termination date, reason and your academic status.  If you have been out of status for more than 5 months OCCC will not process reinstatement for you.  If you need to be reinstated you must process your application for reinstatement 1 month before the next semester begins.


Do you have any housing support?

OCCC does not have on-campus residency. For apartments, search on following websites:

Apartment guide:

The expected market price for units in the surrounding OKC area are around the below pricing:

Studio… $450-$700

1 bed room… $500-900

2 bed room… $600-950

3 bed room… $900- $1300


How do I get to Oklahoma City by airplane?

The local airport is Will Rogers World Airport, located 5 miles away from OCCC. Once you arrive you will be able to take a taxi or shuttle to Oklahoma City Community College or to your new housing.

Do I need a car?

The majority of students prefer to have a car, but some take a public bus to college and other locations. OCCC offers our students a 30 days-unlimited pass for $35. Find its information here:

What recreation does Oklahoma offer?

Oklahoma City and the surrounding area have dozens of places for students to visit while enrolled at Oklahoma City Community College. Places to visit during the warmer months include the Oklahoma City Zoo, Oklahoma City's three Disc Golf Courses, Myriad Botanical Gardens, numerous Lakes and Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, and Mat Hoffman Action Sports Park for those who enjoy skateboarding. There are many more places to see and they can be found at the city of Oklahoma City's Parks and Recreation website. Indoor activities for the colder months include Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball games in downtown Oklahoma City, Movie Theatres, The Oklahoma City Museum of Art, and many more.

Current Students

I arrived at Oklahoma City and am ready to register classes for my first semester. How do I start?

Congratulations! We are happy to hear about your arrival.

To register classes, please go to Recruitment and Admissions where you will receive a green sheet with testing information and advising information. After you have been advised you will be enrolled in classes.  Once you are enrolled you will check in with your DSO by filling out this form,

Refer OCCC map here:

How do I make payment of tuition?

We offer you 2 styles of payment methods. Visit the Bursar office to ask us any questions or   refer to this page for details:

How do I change my current address or major?

For the students who wish to change their address or major after speaking with an academic advisor, checkout this page:  USCIS requires that you update your DSO (Designated School Officials) within 10 days of any address or major changes while you are an F-1 student.  This is your responsibility.

What is Moodle and MineOnline? And how do I log-in?

Moodle is an online website created for students to access their assignments, quizzes, lecture slides and even grades that your professors will be adding.

On MineOnline, you can register for classes, request transcript, pay tuition, and more.

Your email address will be, if your name is Smith Johnson Williams, Do not forget the period.

Your password will be the last 6-digit number of your Social Security Number. If you do not have one, ask us at the registration office located on the first floor of main building because we have created temporary numbers for you.

I would like to volunteer; can I do this at OCCC?

Our Student Life office will welcome you! They offer you a diversity of clubs and events that you can feel free to attend. Find more information here:

I would like to receive my transcript

You can obtain a transcript by visiting our Records& Graduation Services office.  You can also request on from a distance, . If you are asking for a transcript in person please bring your student ID with you.


How many hours do I need to take to remain in good immigration status?

All international students must maintain 12 credit hours a semester.  9 of these 12 hours must be in traditional classes, after you have taken 9 traditional (in the classroom) courses you can then take as many online or hybrid classes as you would like. 

My Visa has expired. Do I need to get a new one?

As long as you are still in the United States you are not required to replace it; however, the next time you leave the United States the visa will need to be replaced in order to re-enter the United States.

My passport has expired. Can I still be admitted?

No, a current passport is required for admittance.

Can I take non-credit courses?

Non-credit courses will not maintain an international student's status; however, they can be taken in addition to a minimum of a 12 credit hour class schedule.

I need to drop a class, but I do not want to lose my status. What can I do?

International students must maintain 12 credit hours during the fall and spring semester. If the reason for dropping is medically related, documentation must be provided from your doctor (doctor must be an M.D. per federal guidelines). If you are having initial difficulty with reading, writing or American teaching style, you can request permission to drop below full-time. You will need a recommendation from your academic and international advisor. If you are misplaced in a course you can drop below full-time. If you are in your graduating semester, you can be less than full-time, but double check with the Graduation Office and your academic advisor to verify you have met all the requirements for graduation and notify your international advisor. International students who drop below 12 credit hours under any other circumstances are required to apply for a reinstatement with immigration or depart the United States. Students also have the option of enrolling in a late eight week course or late starting fast track. Unfortunately, it is usually too late for a refund for the course being dropped, and the cost of the new course must be paid also.

Transfer to a 4 Year Institution

After I finish my Associates Degree and I want to transfer  transferring to 4-year institutions

A myriad of students from OCCC transfer to 4-year universities after they have completed their Associate degree. Check details found here: and for transfer equivalency guide, find information here:

To have your SEVIS government record released you will need to fill out this form with the admissions letter from your new university.


Are international students allowed to work?

International students are allowed to work only on campus up to 20 hours a week. Visit this website to check if there is any employment available on campus:

Those international students who have enrolled in a one academic year can also take the advantage of OPT, Optional Practical Training. For details, visit this official site here:

I am wanting to apply for a job and a cover letter and resume are required.  What does a cover letter and resume look like?  

Visit our Graduation, Employment and Transfer Services, or you can go in person on the first floor in the main building.  The GET office will be pleased to help you with revising your resume and cover letter to help you become a great candidate for an on campus job.

Part-time/ Concurrent Student

I want to go to OCCC part time. Are all of my transcripts required?

Only the transcript from the most recent school is required at the time of admission. However other transcripts may be required to be available at a later date. In addition, a letter of good standing is required from your current institution.